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Peace Is Available Every Day & All The Time.

Peace Is Available Every Day & All The Time

In appointments that I have with individuals, I sit listening to their stories. The observations that keeps reoccuring is generally from a place of the individuals just been worn out from life. They say things such as “I’m having such a hard time.” “I’m feeling the pull of the world so much.” etc.

When they get through with their sharing, I ask them to let’s sit still and see what the Holy Spirit is saying about their statements. I ask them to ask the Holy Spirit to speak to them regarding their statements. Some times they can hear clearly what the Holy Spirit is saying. And at other times they don’t hear anything.

This is the place where I ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom, knowledge and grace to speak and share with them from a place of God’s love. For the most part, the individuals lack a sense of peace because they are too busy to hear the voice of God speaking to them. They don’t make nor take the time daily to sit where Christ is. Where peace is.

We all are challenged with this. We live in this physical realm, overburdened by the weights and cares of the world and life all around us. But there is salvation (deliverance.) There is peace. There is a place in God where our physical realm no longer holds us captive and in bondage. Where by the love and grace of God, every physical, emotional and spiritual state of our whole being is brought into subjection to the peace and love of God, where Christ is king and gives us peace, joy, happiness and healing in the mist of life’s challenges and difficulties.

I ask you today, by the grace of God, to make and take time to sit with Christ, in the heavenly atmosphere, where peace abides and is shared and permeate your whole being, thus giving you the ability to share and bless others with this information so they too, can experience the peace of God regardless of life’s situation.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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