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Coming Back To The Basic

Coming Back To The Basic

Daily I take the opportunity to share with others, at the grocery store, at they fitness center, at church, and any place where there is a community of people . . . About how to look at the upcoming day. Each day is a gift from our Creator – God. Our responsibly is to be thankful and rejoice at the opportunity of being able to live another day. And our other responsibly is to decide how we will act and react to events that occur that day.

Coming back to the basic is that each day we don’t control people, sunrise or sunset, and the outcome of things not in our control. We don’t control these things and they don’t control us. This is where freedom, power and truth resides. This is a gift from God, that we only control what’s going on external. And another gift is that He gives us the ability on how to respond to events outside of our control.

There may be individuals, circumstances, situations and events in your life that are starring you right in your eyes, however you will find if you approach them right, from a place that you have no control over them, you will see them as opportunities to let God do His job in taking care of them, while you do your job by walking in love and peace.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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