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How To Be And Stay Happy

How to Be And Stay Happy

A couple of Friday nights ago, I performed a wedding of a dear friend and former student. I met her in 2007 and met her “now” husband in 2017. It was a delight, a very special and precious wedding. I truly enjoyed performing their wedding.

The bride and I also had a mutual friend attending the wedding. I sat with she and her husband during the dinner portion of the celebration. While the both of them ate the main dinner course, I had homemade pecan pie which the bride’s mother made. Our mutual friend took a picture of me eating the pecan pie. She then said after looking at the pictures she had taken of me, that I looked so happy, at peace and just seemed like I was enjoying life to the full.

This brings me to this blog “How To Be And Stay Happy.” In my opinion, being and staying happy is an inside job. Many people get sidetracked by their own perspectives on how things should be. They lose sight on what God is doing in the mist of their life not turning out exactly as they planned. Therefore, they end up not being happy with life.

I learned years ago to ask God to help me line up my life, my desires and my will with His. Throughout the years, some readjustments had to be made on my part. As time moved forward, I begin to agree with God’s Word and His promises for my life. I can truly say that I got to the place where I saw God’s faithfulness in all areas of my life. Yes there were times I could have experienced disappointments because of my expectations. And I could have easily blamed God for the disappointments. But I learned how to trust God unconditionally, pursue His truth, and knowing that He loves me unconditionally were ways for me to be and stay happy.

Again, being and staying happy is an inside job. It’s an intmate relationship with The Father (God), His Word (Jesus) and Comforter (the Holy Spirit). My prayer is for you to find time to be still, think about some of the things God has done for you in your life. No matter how small or insignificant they may seen to you. As you meditate and ponder on them, you will find God has always been there, even when you didn’t trust Him nor have faith in what He was doing in your life. Afterward, find 2-3 “Believers” to share with. This will bring about encouragement and strength for you, and a source of accountability for you.

In closing, the above picture is from the wedding I spoke of at the beginning of this blog. Yes, the pecan pie was excellent.

With love and peace,
Joseph Stingley

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