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More Than You Can Imagine

More Than You Can Imagine

Going on over 2 years now, I made a decision to start praying intentionally . . . Asking God 2-3 times per every day for very specific requests. The decision to do so was because I wanted a changed course in my life. Such determination and willingness gave me the potential to change my life as I could never imagine or think.

I have always been a “thinker” and then God would allow me to drive off of the thoughts He put in my mind. I know many often get the dreams first. So, I’m little different (smile). The ideas and thoughts given to me by God actually helped prepare me for my future, including wonderful situations I’m actually experiencing now.

My praying intentionally and asking for “Big” things are what sustained me during challenging times throughout the years, and especially the past couple of years. My daily 2-3 times or more per day devotion was comprised of faith and trust in God, including His unconditional love for me.

What was key to praying intentionally and big was that I knew God had a plan for my life. I also knew that His desires had come my desires. I knew that the talents and skills He placed in my life was for His intended purpose and glory. And there was no fighting against God’s desire and plan for my life. I had surrender a while back, which allowed me to trust and have faith in His leading. I tell people on a regular basis, it brought about a freedom, a peace that I never experienced before. It brought about praying with intention and praying “Big.”

Oh, there is so much more that I can blog about on this but time just is not available. In conclusion, when I came to that point in my life that as I prayed intentionally and prayed big (I still do daily) there was a release of power I never knew that existed before and it changed my life, my family, and my world forever. Something for you to think about and consider.

With love and peace,
Joseph Stingley

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