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Obedience Is Love

Obedience Is Love

Over the years many people have shared with me that The Bible is just a book of “dos and don’ts.” I share with them that for me, The Bible is all about God’s love for us, His unconditional love, benefits that come from following His sound practice, an abiding assurance of protection and provision for us, just to name a few.

I generally ask people to read The Bible from the eyes of a “child.” Read from a place of a pure heart and open mind. This will bring about an understanding of God’s love for them. And something miraculously happens within. Their desires becomes less self-centered and more God-centered. Their desires and aspirations lines up with His. In other words, their uncondtional trust in God becomes an act of love and an act of obedience.

And from personal experience, when challenges, struggles, circumstances, not making good choices and situations come, and we fall short of God’s sound practice, His love is always there to show us how to shake of disappointments, shame, fear, un-forgveness and comparison . . . Telling us to get up, dust off our clothes and start over. Something to think about and consider.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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