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Relationships: She Just Needed To Eat

Relationships: She Just Needed To Eat

Not everyone engages in relationships, especially romantic relationships the same way. Some need words spoken directly to them. Others need words written on paper. Others need an understanding. Others need to feel safe and valued. Others need to know they are anchor in their partner’s love.

No matter what the need is in your relationships, take time to explore, asking the Holy Spirit in faith, trusting that He will give you insight in how to understand and love each other unconditionally. This simple act will move you into the plans God has for both of you in this relationship. And each day His plans is brought to life just by you asking for help and guidance.

The above picture shows how understanding and loving each other is displayed. The woman just needed to eat. And her partner knew that. Afterward, all was well. All was good. Something to think about and consider.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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