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Taking Jesus With You

Taking Jesus With You

I come in contact with people weekly, that are so busy, that they are operating, going about their day, doing their daily thing, not realizing that they have left Jesus out of what they are doing. Now, let me emphasis that Jesus is there all the time, but there is very little fellowship taking place between them and Jesus. They have put Him in the background of their life.

You reading this blog . . . Are you in contact with, even for a little while, even a few minutes, in fellowship with Jesus throughout your day? If not, there will come a time, a situation, a circumstance that you will realize that Jesus was not with you. It may even cause a fear to come about that you have lost a very important relationship and partnership.

Operating on a daily basis without acknowledging Jesus’ presence in our life will leave us helpless and subject to live in fear, doubt, unbelief, stress and anxious. The good news is that Jesus is always with us. He says in His Word that He would never leave nor forsake us. Our responsibility is to make sure we don’t walk away from Him and His personal fellowship.

From personal experience, Jesus desires and longs to have daily, even minute-by-minute fellowship with us. Why? Because He loves us so much! I pray that you will invite Jesus to be with you in all your affairs and every second of your day. Something to think about and consider.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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