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A New Perspective

A New Perspective

There will come a time in our life that we will be moved into places that are incredible challenging. These challenges if we go through them correctly will give us a whole new perspective on life. There will be things, such as clothes, big houses, fancy cars, etc. that we once valued, they now no longer hold the same value. Small things become big things. Less becomes more. And what we once thought what was so importance is no longer importance.

These challenges also brings about an identity that allows us to identify with the challenges of others. We no longer will look at things from a shallow view. But we will now see the need of others through the eyes of God. And we will no longer judge others. We are no longer shallow in our words, beliefs and actions. Also interesting is that we now have an instant connection and relationship with others who have walked there before us. No words are necessary to utter. We see each other through the same eyes, with shared respect and appreciation for our common experiences. We know that something special has been formed and worked within us. In a sense, we once were dead, but now found. The death of one life which has brought us to this life that we now live.

In closing, it can be challenging to appreciate the “bottom of the barrel” experiences while you are in them. Even so, once you reach the top of the barrel, you are able to appreciate the experiences that you made it through. You might even be amazed at what and how you made it through. Your experiences has given you more than you ever thought possible or could ever imagine. You are now in position to appreciate both the grace and mercy of the experiences and put aside the discomfort and suffering they produced.

You can now say “All is well with my life and my soul.” Why? Because God has brought forth something of much greater value than you ever thought was available and possible. There are only possibilities for you. Only possibilities.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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