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Meditate Several Times A Day

Meditate Several Times A Day

A few years back, I started setting my phone alarm to go off 3 times a day. The alarms were a reminder for me to stop what I was doing, take a few minutes to be still, journal, pray or meditate on a phrase such as God, Jesus, peace, joy, healed, love, etc.

Yet, there were still times where my mind was under attack with negative thoughts. I found that the following periods / times of the day was where I was attacked the most in my mind.

  1. At night when I’m in bed heading to sleep
  2. In the am when I’m in bed getting ready to get up
  3. When I’m not busy and just sitting around
  4. When I’m traveling in my car

I started asking the Holy Spirit to show me a Bible scripture that I could meditate on for whatever situation that was before me. I set additional 3-4 more alarms to go off during the day. In using this method, within a short period, the attacks of the mind became less and less, and eventually they were no longer present. This is a process. It will work. For some, faster than others. And that’s ok! Just keep using this method. Something to think about and consider.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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