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Mental Thoughts

Mental Thoughts

Looking at my life through my own eyes, I would not change one thing that has happened in my past, nor wished for anything different that is currently happening in my life. Many times we experience things in life that bring about dis-ease to the body. And yet our soul is intact. We still have control over what comes in and what goes out of our mind.

When we see what God sees, there is a certain peace and strength that occurs within us that says “Things are working for our good.” We can find truth of God’s Word for whatever circumstance we are faced with. Whether it financial, sickness, or marriage troubles, God’s Words has promises to us that gives us a vision of a bright future filled with hope and good things. He supplies all our need. He gives us the desires of our heart. He is our Healer. He restores relationships and makes them brand new.

I ask and pray that you make time to search God’s Word for whatever situation that you are experiencing. There is an answer and solution in His Word for everything that we could possibly experience. As you focus, ponder and meditate of His promises, your mental thoughts will come into alignment with His Word and promises. God is faithful!

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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