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Follow Jesus

Follow Jesus

Today is January 1, 2020. Today we have a choice. Jesus is all about choices. He wants us to choose. Every choice that we make, says indirectly the turning down of other options. We cannot follow Jesus without leaving something and someone behind: secular interests, conveniences, our desires, etc. We think we can have it all and yet follow Jesus. We can’t. Why? Because we then come into the danger of “compromising our faith, trust and belief,” giving in to the demands of our (blind) passions and the world’s persistence. Love requires a choice. Loving and following Jesus is a choice. In my opinion, the most important and real choice we will ever make.

Going into 2020, I pray you reading this blog “Will make the choice to follow Jesus, rejecting and denouncing everything in you that is not like Jesus. That you will respond to His love, a love that comforts all your other loves, likes and desires. That you ask Jesus to show you what He wants of you. That He gives you the courage and the ability to give it all up for Him, no matter the cost. Amen.”

Have amazing and blessed 2020.
With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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