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Freedom In Obedience

Freedom In Obedience

We are 20 days into the Year 2020. Many of you (me included) are in a period of change, of uncertainty but certainty at the same time, and not having the details what is next. And you also feel and know that God has given you to a deeper calling to be faithful to Him in all things, including this process of change. For me this is where freedom in obedience to God’s voice comes into being. As I search, read, study and meditate on God’s Word (Biblical scriptures), He is speaking to my heart through. The main thing or focus that comes up each time is being just like Jesus . . . Only saying the things He says and only doing the things He does.

I want to encourage you reading this blog that if you find yourself being challenged in many ways during this period of change in your life, stop, pray and ask The Holy Spirit for knowledge, direction and wisdom. I know from personal experience that when you ask, believing in the name of Jesus, you will receive His Word in your life, a Word in season for you to continue to move forward.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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