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In Time Of War

In Time Of War

For over 15 years I have had friends and love ones in the military, during war time and non-war time. I would always strongly tell them to pray Psalms 91 over themselves, their families and over their platoon. I would even personalized Psalms 91 for them with their names. As of this date, January 7, 2020, I don’t know of any that have lost their lives because of their faith in God and His Word.

I pray that we will stay committed and more so in 2020 and henceforth, keeping our attention on The Word of God. War has been prophesied in the Bible. As it comes forth. And it will come forth, we must know that it is designed to distract us from God and what God is truly doing in the earth.

I pray that we will buckler down and tell those in the war zone that we know of, to buckler down on God’s Word . . . And stay there without fail. Our and their future will be determined by our faith in God’s Word, nothing else. Perhaps share with others to limit their watching of TV, being on social media and and The Internet. Their future can not be based on what they see or hear from these sources. Again, it has to be based on God’s Word.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph

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