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Keep Moving . . . The Best Is Yet To Come

Keep Moving . . . The Best Is Yet To Come

We are heading toward February 2020 in a few days and many per my conversations with them and knowledge of others have been challenged since the year 2020 begin. Perhaps some of you reading this blog are in what appears to be “month of trials in fire.”

The trials we experienced as followers of Christ are not meant to destroy us. They are meant for us to overcome them. These trials will actually bring out our finest qualities of Christ that are within us if we faint not. I do believe that 2020 is a year that we as followers of Christ are to deepen our foundation in Him more so. This will only be done by making more time to fast and pray, read and meditate on God’s Word, and pressing into His grace that has been provided for us.

And know that if we miss the mark, not going through the trials as successfully as we would have desired, we need not fear, nor allow our heart to be trouble. We will repent and press more so into God’s grace to continue this race. Here is my prayer for you . . . “Dear God, thank You for Your grace that each one reading this blog will know that they can walk in Your grace, in whatever trials they face this day. And that You are more than able to accomplish what You want for them. In fact, it is already accomplished. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen and Amen.”

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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