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The Simple Things

The Simple Things

I want to encourage you to consider how please God is with you through the simple, ordinary and daily things you do. It can be the washing of clothes, sweeping the floor, cooking dinner, watering the plants and even exercising. During these daily tasks is a means of godliness. These are transformation of living a life dedicated to God, even adapting the daily tasks as God leads you to do so. It really is a fulfillment to our human responsibilities.

It might not seen like we are doing incredible things such as the simple and daily tasks. Yet, it is a way of showing our Heavenly Father how much we love and appreciate Him in a simple and ordinary life. And we do these simple things from a place of love.

My prayer for you reading this blog is “That you will continue to do your simple, daily and ordinary tasks from a place of love. That you will not be troubled and ponder about your future. God has His plan for your life. And it’s a great plan. I pray that you don’t try to understand everything, but know that God’s grace is there for you to do all things in it’s completion. Amen.”

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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