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Your Support For This Amazing Mission Trip

Your Support For This Amazing Mission Trip

Hello Everyone!

Since retiring I have been spending most of my time writing, ministering, serving, and teaching The Gospel to the poor and broken-hearted. I can truly say what a TREMENDOUS impact this has had on my life.

Going to the Mission field in other countries has been in my heart since 2012. I now have the opportunity to travel with my church – Gateway Church in Southlake, TX to Romania in August 2020, working and ministering along with the local church communities to help share the Gospel with the Roma, who are often shunned and cast out from society. This will be a HUGE blessing for us to share the Love of God, especially with those who may be hurting or in despair.

If you feel compelled to contribute to this cause, my trip is 100% funded by donations. I would love to have your financial support and prayers to be able to carry out God’s given purpose of ministry for me.

Whatever amount you donate is tax deducible. To contribute, click on my link: ==> Press Here For Your Donation!

Thank you in advance for your support and prayers.
With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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