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Listing To The Right Voice

Listening To The Right Voice

Often more times then not, I get texts, emails and voice mails from individuals who are in a state of mind where anxiety, discouragement, confusion, and depression has taken a tight hold on them. Revelation from The Holy Spirit showed me that these individuals started believing what their feelings and emotions were saying instead of what God’s Word said about them.

Many and I mean many individuals that I come in contact with have a challenging time hearing the voice of God. In reality, this is just not the way God planned their life to be. From personal experience, God is always speaking to us. And we do hear His voice, but many just don’t recognize His voice that they are hearing. The main reason for this is that they don’t spend enough quality time in God’s presence. They don’t value spending time with Him on a daily basis.

Getting to know God’s voice is going to take time, effort and focus on our part. We can’t be so busy with life, work, exercising, kids’ sport, social media and even AA meetings. We all are busier than ever, and that is, in my opinion, the foundational reason we don’t hear the voice, nor know the voice of God when He’s speaking.

When I had yoga teacher training, a major requirement for each individual taking the training was that they had to learn to be still. They had to spend daily and quality time in stillness with God. They even had to email me a summary of their time in stillness and meditation with God. They didn’t have a choice if they wanted to be certified by me. In doing this simply but powerful practice, they were able to tune their spiritual ears to hear and know the voice of God. I would tell them that He would always speak to them in that “Still, and small voice” which would diminished all the turmoil of their daily lives, eventually.

In conclusion, if your feelings and emotions are not lined up with The Word of God, then know that the voice you are hearing is not His. I am assured that our heavenly Father speaks to every one of His children constantly (all the time) giving us all the information and counsel we need to be in total confident and conquerors in all areas of life.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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