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Spiritual Growth: An On-Growing Process

I have been dealing with a sever sinus infection since November of last year. I did all the natural things I knew to do. But, it didn’t get better. I even shut myself off from the world (non emergency texts, phone calls, emails and face-to-face gathering) for several weeks to ponder (meditate) with God’s healing, reading His promises on healing and on the finished work of Christ on The Cross for my healing. I labored (work) to entered into Christ’s rest in healing. Yet healing had not manifested completely with the infection. Interesting but not really that I had rest in other areas of my life. But with healing I’m was not there 100%.

The last Tuesday in January, I got permission (peace and rest) in my spirit that I could go and get medical help. I did that the following day. I was put on 5 prescriptions for the next 10 days. The morning after I was on the 5 prescriptions, I asked God about the “Why” of my physically healing not manfesting. Because it had happen in my past as a child and teenager. Then the revelation came that . . . I must have a revelation of Christ’s finished work at the Cross regarding my physical healing. NOT just a knowledge, but a revelation and knowledge.

I have God’s revelation and knowledge in other areas of my life and with proof. Yet the healing revelation had left. So, I’m yet growing in the knowledge and revelation of Christ. There is no mindset of failure, guilt, shame or condemnation of me having to go to the doctor. I’m so thankful that doctors are available to and for us. BUT I’m more thankful for the revelation received from The Holy Spirit on how, to now for the future approach my physical healing.

Below are the ways you can receive revelation knowledge of God’s Word for any area of your life.

First: We must approach God’s Word in the way that we allow The Holy Spirit to reveal the truth directly to our spirit and then to our mind. During our time of studying God’s Word, we must set ourselves in position to receive His revelation and knowledge.

Second: When we find or need a scripture that is of interest to us we must read them several times. During those times of reading, we mush stop and ponder (meditate) on them, allowing each word to hang around in our spirit. This will allow The Holy Spirit to help the words in our spirit and mind take on a impactful and personal meaning.

Third: We must ask God for revelation of those particular scriptures we are reading. You have heard me talked a lot about communicating with God. I’m always asking God questions (many). He wants us to ask Him questions. In fact it gives God joy for us to asks Him questions. We should take the necessary time to pray and ask God what that scripture means, both in the setting of the passage you are reading and of your personal life for that moment. Your asking is in reality “wisdom” of what you read.

Fourth: After doing the things above, we must now wait and listen for God to speak to us. The method I use during the waiting to hear time is to give thanks in advance to God for receiving the precise word He has just for me. Also, the giving of thanks to God in advance sets our hearts in the right place to receive.

Fifth: When we receive revelation knowledge from God, whether it’s one word or a phrase, we must put that information, those words into action. Meaning we must take what we received from God, make it an active part of our life and life-style. If you truly want to make changes in your life and your life-style, you must do ALL of the above things written. This is how true transformation occurs.

In summary: Read The Word. Pray. Listen. Give Thanks. Put The Word Given Into Action.

I hope that this blog is a testimony, an encouragement, insights, knowledge and revelation to you. And I’m doing well. I’m feeling better in my physical body than I have in months. Praise God!

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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