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Joseph’s ministry experience spans 40 years, serving churches in Mississippi and Texas. In 1979, Joseph began serving as Associate Pastor for the Church of God In Christ in Jackson, Mississippi. Since then, he has served and volunteered for more than 39 years in ministry positions such as Senior Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Altar Minister, Sunday School teacher, Finance Secretary, member of Elder’s Board, home group leader, church planter and many other positions within the church.

In 2007, Joseph joined Gateway Church, serving in Communion and “Catch the Vision” for both Southlake and NRH campuses. He currently serves as a volunteer for Freedom Ministry and is part of the Freedom Healing Team.

Joseph had his first encounter with the Lord at the age of 5. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior as a teenager at his local church in Mississippi. He earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science & Math and a certificate of Pastoring from the Church of God in Christ – C.H. Mason Bible College.

Joseph is passionate about doing everything he can to help individuals and communities experience God in the greatest way possible, leading and showing them how to be transformed by the power and love of Jesus, which sums up his approach to ministry.

When Joseph is not volunteering at Gateway Church, he is mentoring individuals, teaching classes and conducting workshops in prayer, freedom and healing, and biblical meditation.

Joseph has two sons: Jeffrey and David. He has two grandchildren of Jeffrey, Jackson and Reese.

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