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Growing up, I always had the ability to lead, communicate and demonstrate the power of God, whether in words or deeds. In the early teens years, my parents saw I was different and advised they would never worry about me because of my knowledge and relationship with God. For almost all my life, my heart has stretched toward God, His truth and His will for my life.

I always knew God wanted me to have a bold, pure and unconditional love for others as I delivered His message.  As far as I can remember, my soul’s communication with God was through a deepness of prayer, communicating with God in such a way that brought about a friendship of sharing.

God told me many years ago I have the ability to leave this world when I’m ready, but I have time left, and know there are more things I must do in my life and for others. I may not get to see the harvest of my work that has been started. Yet, I know books will be written about me, my faith, the feats in ministry and service to God’s kingdom.

Over the past two years, the desire has become increasingly strong for me to get back into teaching ministry of the compassion of God, victory through Jesus Christ and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Toward the end of 2017, God impressed upon me that it was time to transition back into teaching freedom directly from the word of God, the Bible. My passion is so great to see people understand the deepness of God’s unconditional love for them through Jesus.

There’s so much more I could share with you, but there simply isn’t enough room to say it all. Daily, I ask God to reveal how I can serve people in my local community and state, in both the US and abroad. I ask Him how I can reach out and share in a way that will verbally and nonverbally demonstrate His love. There is not a perfect equation for anything that God calls us to do, but it’s always exciting to go after our destiny in Him.

Peace be unto you,
Joseph Stingley

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