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Welcome to Total

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Custom Builder Blocks

The Visual Composer is a great plugin, but combined with the Total theme it is out of this world! We’ve extended the builder to bring you many  unique and highly customizable modules.

Efficient & Clean Code

We take pride in coding quality themes, we don’t “steal” any code or take any shortcuts. We also keep our themes updated constantly to ensure everything is as well optimized as it can be.

Custom Skins

Easily change your site design with a click of a button in the advanced skins dashboard of the Total Theme. You can even create your own skins via a child theme or plugin!

Our Team

Meet our awesome team. We searched high and low for people who were highly qualified with years of experience in their fields. Checkout their bios to learn more about the staff you will be working with.

Natalie Naples

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Liam Lions

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Heather Heath

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Frederick Farlen

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Client Testimonials

Joseph Stingley sees the light in others, and his Soul Motivation Yoga Teacher Training provides a pathway to embrace the light within you and go forth sharing this light to the world.  His training was not just about the physical practice, it was about connecting the mind, body, and soul- in the process, awakening to one's life purpose. This teacher training will change your life! It will give you direction, it will bring light to darkness and darkness to light, it will heal you and give you the power to heal others, it will give you the tools to reach your fullest potential. My gratitude goes beyond words for this truly life changing experience.

Before beginning teacher training, I really didn't know what to expect. While in my training, I talked with other teachers who had taken a teacher training with someone else. From my conversations with others, I realized that some programs don't really equip teachers to actually teach. With Joseph, I spent so many hours practicing my teaching skills, and getting feedback for improvement. I started teaching a weekly yoga class about a month and a half before I graduated. By the time I graduated, I had complete confidence in my teaching skills. I feel fully prepared to teach classes and help students. Joseph is an amazing teacher. He is skilled, and knowledgeable. Beyond that, he cares for each of his students. Joseph desired for each person in his training to learn and grow emotionally, spiritually, and in the physical practice of yoga. I highly recommend his training to anyone!

I was introduced to Soul Motivation Teacher Training by a friend when I had expressed interest in yoga. After one conversation with Joseph Stingley I found myself signed up for his training. I connected with Joseph in such a way I knew I could not pass up this opportunity. I feel Soul Motivation found me at the right time in my life. I will admit in the beginning I was interested in yoga more for the physical workout. I never had any idea how much yoga would affect my soul and spirit. It changed my life. I am constantly growing and learning. I know I will be learning until I no longer walk this earth, however, I feel a little more peace daily and it has changed how I view not only my own life, but my family and all creatures of this world. There were definitely days I felt in disbelief I would not be able to finish the training due to lack of faith in myself but Joseph had the gentle encouragement and firm guidance to coach me through it. I am so thankful for Joseph, Soul Motivation training, and yoga itself. My light has brightened. My journey is just beginning!

Our Work

Checkout some of our finished projects. We worked hard on these, and we think it shows. This should give you an idea of the quality of work you will receive when you hire us for you project.

We’re a professional bunch,
and we want to work with you!

There’s a lot we can do for your business, small or large. And we’re always expanding our portfolio. Have a look at what else we do, and then contact us for a quote. We’d love to hear from you.

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