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Whether You’re Look for Spiritual Guidance, Healing or Transformation of Your Mind, Holistic Coaching Can Bring About A Positive Change in Your Life.

Are You the Perfect Candidate for Holistic Coaching?

Holistic coaching is a powerful form of life coaching that approaches every aspect of a person’s life – spirit, mind, and body – in relation to the whole.


For years, seekers from all backgrounds and experiences have come to and sought out Joseph to learn how to apply practical spiritual tools and techniques in their daily lives regarding healing, soul adventures, dreams, heaven and unfinished things in their past life.


If you have a hunger for a deeper, more meaningful soul experiences, longing to step into your spiritual path, or simply feel the need for more direction and connection, then it’s time to contact Joseph for an appointment.

Spiritual Insights

Joseph’s gift of spiritual insights brings a mindfulness awareness of that powerful healing and transformation in the lifestyles and cultures of individuals.

Positive Change

Joseph’s gift helps individuals in moving forward in a positive way at critical times in their lives, including all the realms – spirit, mind and body.

Your Investment

Private Coaching sessions are 55 minutes long and $85. Each session builds upon the other to help to maintain momentum. All initial coaching clients commit to a minimum of three sessions – generally within a 5-6 week period. Specific goals are identified, as are ways of measuring your success. Emergency sessions are also available at the same private rate. Paying in full for the complete three sessions also will secure you a 10% discount.

To make a payment, click “Make A Payment” at the top of this page.

When we make a habit of having quiet time, prayer, and meditation, we start believing what our Creator says about us is true . . . We are perfectly and wonderfully made in His sight. When we don’t, we allow the other, louder voices to capture our attention and frame the course of our days. Today and everyday we expect His love to show up greatly for us. 

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