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Power Flow 30 Minute Video
Rent: $2.95 Purchase: $9.95 One of Dallas’ most popular yoga instructors, Joseph Stingley leads this high intensity, non-stop core power flow series that will sculpt and strengthen your core. Designed for the busy lifestyle, this 25 minute class is just…
Power Flow 60-Minute Video
Filmed at Tarrant County Water District in Fort Worth, TX, these unrehearsed 60 minute classes will keep your heart rate up. Both DVDs are vigorous and intense workouts. They will make you sweat and burn calories. There are various levels…
Joseph’s e-Book/Paperback
Have you ever wished you could let go of past obstacles, find the motivation to move forward in life, or build a closer relationship with God? The world is filled with plenty of books that promise to help you do…
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