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“My aim and desire for my prenatal meditation clients is to relieve any stress, depression, tension, mental and spiritual challenges that they may experience during pregnancy. Ultimately enhancing the mother’s and baby’s health.”   ~ Joseph

What are the Benefits of Prenatal Meditation?

Prenatal meditation can have many positive effects for both the Mother and Baby. I believe that babies connecting with their mothers in a daily meditation and prayer time will result in a calmer temperament post-birth and throughout their lives. Some other benefits include:

Better Sleep and Overall Rest

Connecting to your changing body

Relief from anxiety, depression and stress

Peace of Mind and Body

Less Tension

Positive labor preparation

Lower risk of postpartum depression

Lowered risk of low birth weight/pre-term delivery

What To Expect During our Prenatal Meditation Sessions

  • Weekly group meetings once a week for 6 weeks that last about an hour.
  • 30 minute guided mindfulness practice that includes a time of silence and prayer. There will be time for reflection, discussion and questions after this.
  • It is suitable for beginners who know nothing about mindfulness through to more experienced individuals that feel it would be beneficial to practice in a group.
  • You will have opportunities to work on being open to whatever arises in your experience. Over time you will learn how to deal with difficulties in life and even change how your brain works in stressful situations.
  • A time for directing attention to specific parts of the experience such as breathing, or body sensations and returning to them even after distractions. Sounds easy? Not really. It will take a while!
  • A time for feedback and encouraging you to speak up if you have something to say.
  • Comfortable clothes suggested. Chairs will be available.

About Prenatal Meditation

When the mother is feeling healthy and happy, her baby will bond with her- causing her immune system to become stronger and that of the baby too. Neurotransmitters moving inside the mother’s body create a chemical and physical imprint on the baby’s brain and body. The message imprinted is that there is safety and peace. The baby feels secure and taken care of.

Tiredness and food challenges can also bring about stressful moments. It is extremely important the mother and her growing baby, spend quite time together to bring about a deepening connection.  All the more reason to for prenatal meditation time.

Sitting still is the first step in hearing the whispers of God. The quiet and small whispers are our future. It is also a time when the soul has opportunity to reflect on attitudes, behaviors, fears, anxieties, just to name a few – prompting us to consider a change if necessary.

One of my goals is to keep mothers and their babies from being depressed, having anxiety, which will benefit the infants from having difficult temperament, emotional, behavioral problems later in life, and giving them the ability to fight against inflections and diseases.


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