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Wholeness Pregnancy Program

Focusing holistically on the health and wellness of the mother and her whole family in a group setting, our Wholeness Pregnancy program is a way to think about prenatal care and delivering healthy outcomes for moms and babies.

The Wholeness Pregnancy program involves a group of 8–12 pregnant women at a similar stage of pregnancy participating in facilitated discussions and training starting at approximately 12–16 weeks into their pregnancies. Each group visit takes the place of a regular one-on-one office visit, although high-risk patients should see their doctor for individual visits if needed.

The major components of prenatal care are offered in a group setting:

Health Checks

Moms engage in their care by taking their own weight and blood pressure and recording their own health data. They also get private time with their provider for a belly check.


The provider and support staff lead discussions and interactive activities designed to address important and timely health topics, while leaving time to discuss what’s important to group members. The mother’s spouse, partner, or another support person is encouraged to attend the classes with the pregnant woman. They learn about the physical changes the women are going through, feel more involved in the pregnancy process, and are better prepared to advocate for the mother during labor and birth.


Wholeness Pregnancy is based on the principle that when people are actively engaged and involved in a discussion with their peers, rather than being lectured to or given a pamphlet, they learn more and are more likely to change their behavior.

Goal Setting

Goal setting will help each woman focus on the health issues that are of particular concern to her. Each pregnancy group will meet for a total of 10 two-hour sessions throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

Our End Goal: Healthier Moms and Babies

Expecting mothers who participate in this program will be more engaged, better informed, and ask their providers more in-depth questions about their pregnancy. In addition, women will feel less isolated and overwhelmed and are relieved to know that other mothers are having experiences similar to theirs.

Helping women trust that their bodies are designed for pregnancy and birth, understand the signs of pre-term labor, and plan for breastfeeding their infant has been shown to lead to happier families.

Finding Empowerment & Community

It's All About the Journey.

I believe the participants will prefer receiving prenatal care in a group rather than in one-on-one appointments. Sometimes sharing pregnancy with other women who know exactly what you’re going through is the best way to learn and feel confident about this wonderful journey.

Research indicates that the benefit of Wholeness Pregnancy includes:

Reduced risk of pre-term pregnancies
Reduced risk of gestational diabetes
Increased rates of breastfeeding
Increased birth weights
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