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Biblical meditation is the process of uniting with God by focusing on a portion of Scripture, phrase, or word, with repetition. The practice allows God to speak to our hearts in relation to specific situations. It is a direct and divine way of positioning ourselves to discover God’s will.

Audio-Guided Meditations

Yah-Weh Meditation

“Yah-Weh Meditation” from The Meditation Experience II by Rabbi David A. Cooper.

“God Loves Me” Affirmation

A simple affirmation led by Joseph Stingley

All is Well Affirmation

A short affirmation meditation by Joseph Stingley

By turning off the ordinary flow of thoughts, biblical meditation alters the way we see ourselves and the world. It’s a time dedicated to God’s Word and presence within us.

Joseph’s Top 5 Reasons for Biblical  Meditation

  • Biblical Meditation considers God’s acts and His unconditional love for us, bringing inner peace, loss of self-judgement, and acceptance to let things happen rather than make them happen.
  • Biblical Meditation reflects on God’s character, which can promote a sense of well-being, boost immunity, improve brain function, and slow aging.
  • Biblical Meditation helps us visualize God’s dreams, consciously planting a mental picture.
  • Biblical Meditation reveals God’s promises, helping us let go of stress-inducing habits, depression, and anxiety.
  • Biblical Meditation allows you to find peace in every moment, resting in God.

A Simple Biblical Meditation

Find a Scripture, phrase, or word.

Choose a Scripture, phrase, or word as the symbol of your intention to consent to God’s presence and action within. Set your timer anywhere from 5 to 21 minutes.

Find a comfortable seated position.

Siting comfortable, with eyes closed or open, silently introduce the Scripture, phrase, or word. 

Stay present and focus.

When you become aware of thoughts, gently return to the Scripture, phrase, or word.

Closing the Biblical Meditation.

Allow At the end of the biblical meditation period, remain in silence wth eyes closed for a couple of minutes.

Do biblical meditations as often as you desire throughout the day. It will change your life!

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