Daily Intention Card Series

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A 49-day daily intention series written by Joseph.  Wake up and read the intention of the day. The cards are designed to be carried with you throughout the day, so wherever you go, you have motivation in your pocket! The first of a series to come, this deck focuses on bringing more clarity, focus and gratefulness to your life. By the end of the 49 days, your life will be truly transformed!

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Power Flow 30

Power Flow 30 Minute Video

Vimeo-On Demand Streaming Video

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One of Dallas’ most popular yoga instructors, Joseph Stingley leads this high intensity, non-stop core power flow series that will sculpt and strengthen your core. Designed for the busy lifestyle, this 25 minute class is just what you need to get your yoga in on your busiest day!

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Power Flow 60

Yoga Power Flow I

Vimeo-On Demand Streaming Video

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The first DVD Power Flow Yoga I is 60 minutes of a power flowing and invigorating class designed to connect you with your inner self while challenging you physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Joseph’s EBook/Paperback

Something to Think About, Something to Consider

Available as e-Book or Paperback

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This hands-on guide contains practical instructions based on divine wisdom that are broken down in a simple and easy-to-understand way. For each and every day of the year, you’ll find a short passage to read and explore upon, with simple reflections on everything from gratitude, to prosperity building, to meditation.

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