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Make Room For Him!

There is static energy in the air. There are crowds in the streets, the stores, our calendars, and our hearts. I know of many who started feeling overwhelmed 2-3 months before we entered the month of December. But, you don’t…

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Things That Matter: December 13, 2017!

FaceBook, Instagrams, youtube videos, non-positive news images. What’s feeding the imaginations of our spirit? From personal experience, including conservations with many individuals, images are constantly flooding our heart and they will affect our life either in a positive or negative…

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Our Mantra “I AM LOVE!”

For just 1 minute throughout our day, we will repeat this mantra "I AM LOVE!" This simple mantra will bring about an amazing sense of peace, calmness and clarity of all things pretaining to life. We can start NOW! ~…

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