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Provision Is Available!

It's more challenging to obtain spirituality, spiritual growth, transformation, miracles, and abundance in life, and in things that we long for in life if we seek God in anxiousness and fear. When we need and desire things mentioned in the…

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We Don’t Quit!

My prayer for us this week . . . "That we overcome the things that hold us back from unity. That we ask our Creator to help us see the part we play in the bigger picture for the bigger…

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Our Truth!

As we become willing to hide nothing, we become willing to speak the truth . . . Our truth. In this, we find and receive abundance, joy and peace. Have a wonderful week everyone! Also, please share with others who…

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Our Mantra “I AM LOVE!”

For just 1 minute throughout our day, we will repeat this mantra "I AM LOVE!" This simple mantra will bring about an amazing sense of peace, calmness and clarity of all things pretaining to life. We can start NOW! ~…

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