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Hope Activates Faith

Hope Activates Faith For the past few months, I have been using my imagination on purpose with my meditation and stillness time. When I say or use the word "imagination" with individuals, most will relate this word to things of…

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Simple, But True

Simple, But True If you are feeling run down, bored, with no energy to do what you are currently doing with your life, you are probably not doing what you are called to do. Take time to become quiet, see…

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Standing On God’s Word

Standing On God’s Word As Believers in Christ, we will have days that are good. Then other days where we are not sure of our identity in Christ. We will quote scripture such as "I am the righteousness of God…

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Freedom In Obedience

Freedom In Obedience We are 20 days into the Year 2020. Many of you (me included) are in a period of change, of uncertainty but certainty at the same time, and not having the details what is next. And you…

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The Simple Things

The Simple Things I want to encourage you to consider how please God is with you through the simple, ordinary and daily things you do. It can be the washing of clothes, sweeping the floor, cooking dinner, watering the plants…

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In Time Of War

In Time Of War For over 15 years I have had friends and love ones in the military, during war time and non-war time. I would always strongly tell them to pray Psalms 91 over themselves, their families and over…

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Mental Thoughts

Mental Thoughts Looking at my life through my own eyes, I would not change one thing that has happened in my past, nor wished for anything different that is currently happening in my life. Many times we experience things in…

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Words Of Encouragement

Words Of Encouragement We are experiencing many challenges and many more are heading our way. But all of these challenges will pass. As a matter of fact “all things will pass,” and only God remains. As Jesus’ coming is nearer…

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Obedience Is Love

Obedience Is Love Over the years many people have shared with me that The Bible is just a book of “dos and don’ts.” I share with them that for me, The Bible is all about God’s love for us, His…

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