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Choose Joy!

As we move into a new week, I encourage you to “Choose Joy.” In the mist of challenging things, we must remember to choose joy. Just consider what would happen today and tomorrow if you made a complete decision to…

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My To-Do List This Weekend.

Have a conversation with my soul, with my inner-child, what we want to do this weekend, and the life we want to make for ourselves. Shining is one thing we will do. But not just this weekend, but every day.…

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We Shine!

Today we shine, this weekend we shine, the next day we shine and we don’t stop shinning. Our future is bright, full of abundance and possibilities . . . Only possibilities. With love and peace, ~ Joseph Stingley

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What You Are Here For.

We come from a long, unbroken line of ancestors who survived unimaginable difficulty, harsh, and extreme challenges. It’s the same genes and the same blood that runs through your body at this very moment. Remind yourself that you are a…

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God Speak and He Lives!

There are days and perhaps hours when the mind tries to trick us in various ways. The suggestions can be labeled as we are not good enough, or perhaps condemnation comes when we are not following the drum beat of…

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Weekend Goals!

Weekend goals . . . Keep loving, keep forgiving, keep a grateful and thankful heart. Feel free to tag# someone you want to do the same. ~ Joseph Stingley

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