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Becoming Aware of God!

Taking time to be in the presence of God, a minimum of 5 minutes right after we wake up, and a minimum of 5 minutes right before we go to bed, will create a history with Him. Something to consider…

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This is Pure Love!

He Is Risen! Today, we not only mentally accept God's love . . . We believe and trust His love through His Son -- Jesus Christ. Let us choose well, and let us choose what is better. "This is His…

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Love With Conviction!

As we move into our week, something for us to consider . . . Love with conviction (with no shadow of a doubt) is what change things, lives, situations, and circumstances. Love with conviction will produce only possibilities, only possibilities,…

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Things That Matter: December 13, 2017!

FaceBook, Instagrams, youtube videos, non-positive news images. What’s feeding the imaginations of our spirit? From personal experience, including conservations with many individuals, images are constantly flooding our heart and they will affect our life either in a positive or negative…

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