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Don’t Allow Yourself To See Failure

Don't Allow Yourself To See Failure From personal experience, success is obtainable. Success brings about a strength within us. If you don't see yourself or can imagine yourself being successful, you will not have strength nor joy in your life,…

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Encourage Someone This Weekend!

The weekend is upon us! And many have already begun to experience a loneliness because the weekend is here. I want to encourage you that whenever those thoughts and feelings come, it’s now a battle with your mind. The thoughts…

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Let The Freedom Begin!

I invite you to take some time this week, turn off your phone, computer, TV, etc. and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any spiritual wounds or trauma you might have. There will likely be memories that you haven’t recalled…

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WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT . . . If we keep our sense of humor, finding joy somehow, it will help us to outlast our troubles. Have an amazing week everyone. Praying peace, healing, and love over you. ~ Joseph Stingley

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