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Love Instead Of Judging!

This week and hence forth, let’s allow people to just be human. Let’s find a way to look at them through the eyes of God . . . Loving and not judging them. We can’t do both at the same…

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Pay Attention!

This weekend I want to encourage you to pay attention to that quiet voice within. That voice may ask you to stop at a certain point in your day, asking you to pray for others. That voice may ask you…

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Give Without Expectation!

This weekend, let's take a different look at giving. Lets find a way to give to someone in secret. This will be an opportunity for us to look directly in the eyes of the person in the mirror, and see…

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Reach Out To Others!

There must come a time when we stop what we are doing, make and take time to check on and reach out to people, but not when it's convenient for us to do so. Many are hungry for fellowship. Many…

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Going The Extra Mile!

My prayer for us this week . . . That we go the extra mile loving, serving and ministering to others. That we go the extra mile in spending time with our Creator in stillness, prayer, and meditation. That we…

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