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Don’t Allow Yourself To See Failure

Don't Allow Yourself To See Failure From personal experience, success is obtainable. Success brings about a strength within us. If you don't see yourself or can imagine yourself being successful, you will not have strength nor joy in your life,…

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Hope Activates Faith

Hope Activates Faith For the past few months, I have been using my imagination on purpose with my meditation and stillness time. When I say or use the word "imagination" with individuals, most will relate this word to things of…

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Simple, But True

Simple, But True If you are feeling run down, bored, with no energy to do what you are currently doing with your life, you are probably not doing what you are called to do. Take time to become quiet, see…

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Listing To The Right Voice

Listening To The Right Voice Often more times then not, I get texts, emails and voice mails from individuals who are in a state of mind where anxiety, discouragement, confusion, and depression has taken a tight hold on them. Revelation…

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Ask God Is There More

Ask God Is There More So many individuals I talked to in 2019 believed that there dreams were dead. Many felt like there was nothing left in their world to live for. Everything appeared to be against them in. I…

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In Time Of War

In Time Of War For over 15 years I have had friends and love ones in the military, during war time and non-war time. I would always strongly tell them to pray Psalms 91 over themselves, their families and over…

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