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Being Persistent In Your Practice.

If your mind is wavering with life concerns and issues, you have not been persistent in stillness, in prayer or meditation. The answers to all your cares, concerns, needs and desires are found in this practice of persistent. With love,…

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Making These Things A Priority!

Isn’t it time to start making quiet-time, stillness, meditation and prayer a priority? The interesting thing that happens when we do make these things a priority: What we consider urgent things seem to fade away as we focus on God.…

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Two Words: “Thank You.”

A strong sense that this week our words are to be few within. We will not complain about circumstances nor situations. When the pressure and thoughts come to distract us, we will only say “Thank You. In our weakness, we…

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Fasting Changes You (Not God)!

For a few years my body had been attacked with various things, including rashes, low back pain, lots of inflammation, and joints problems. Because of the intense spiritual work I'll done in the past, I pretty much knew what the…

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