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Grace: Not Grind / Hustle

My prayer for you this weekend . . . "That you will stop grinding and hustling to make money or obtain business. That you will trust God’s grace to empower and enable you to successfully do what He has called…

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Deep Water Experences!

There will be times that God will take you into deep waters that you lose control of the situation, and you have no choice but to fully trust Him, believing that He is with you. Your power and truth will…

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Pray For California!

Let's take a minute to stop whatever we are doing and pray . . . "God's love to come forth within us to pray without ceasing for miracles, rain to pour down on the wildfires in California, to bring peace…

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Navigating Constant Change.

Navigating constant change in my life is nothing new. Yet there are days I wish I had someone that would give an ear to listen during this time. . . Just listen. I always know for the most part, what…

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