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Medicine For Our Soul!

Something to consider and think about . . . Stillness, quiet-time, prayer and meditation is designed to be medicine for our soul. It relieves us of the vulnerabilities of modern life. It restores us with the vigor we need to…

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I Need To Change My Life!

We are now approaching our 3rd week of 2019 and many are experiencing some type of failure and emotional pain in their life from decisions made. From personal experience, believe it or not, you can change your life. A resource…

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Be Your Purpose!

This past weekend I spoke at the Cosmic Yogi Festival in Addison, TX on "Open Mind, Open Heart." One of the attendees afterward told me that she didn't know what her purpose was in life. I often find many individuals…

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Keep Shining Your Light!

I love this man — Baron Baptiste. I did my yoga teacher training with Baron Baptiste in the mid 2000s, including weekend immersions with him whenever he traveled to the DFW area. For over 14 years I have been consistent…

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