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Let Go!

From person experience . . . "God will not force His favor on us. Whenever we want to depend on ourselves and our wisdom, He will allow us to do so. His favor is given to those who simply acknowledge…

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Encourage Someone This Weekend!

The weekend is upon us! And many have already begun to experience a loneliness because the weekend is here. I want to encourage you that whenever those thoughts and feelings come, it’s now a battle with your mind. The thoughts…

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Holding Space For Others.

There will be times that we are called into the life of others. It’s to hold space for them. A space of unconditional love for them to enter. A space that is safe and free from condemnation. A space where…

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Discernment & Intuition.

If your discernment or intuition about a person or situation brings about an ill feeling, a view of looking at the situation or person in a negative way . . . Then your discernment or intuition is not from God,…

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