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In 2008, after becoming more excited and passionate about yoga, I began to think about teaching what I had newly grown to love. Joseph actually approached me 3 years ago and told me I would teach for him one day- and honestly I thought the whole idea was crazy. I was a busy mom, I didn’t have the time, money, etc to take teacher training. I was too old. Not “good” enough yet at yoga. If I could not be one of the best and go full force with teaching, then why do it . . . all or nothing thinking. Fast forward August 2012; I heard Joseph was leading a teacher training. I had already looked into other programs, and when I compared what Soul Motivation was offering, I felt no time was better than now to pursue this passion of mine. I trusted I would figure out where it would take me step by step. My original goal of becoming a yoga teacher grew into 9 months of spiritual growth and awakening. I quickly allowed a lot of fear and pride to transform into a humble appreciation for the gifts of yoga, and how it allowed me to put aside my ‘SELF’ and encourage others to understand yoga as a metaphor for life: ‘stillness in the midst of all that goes on around me.’ I would absolutely recommend, and have to many already, the Soul Motivation Teacher Training Program.

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