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I am beyond grateful for the mentoring God has given me through Joseph Stingley. I have learned a new way to live life with freedom and peace through the experience of mentorship. During this season in my life, I have been blessed by the prayers and wisdom of Joseph. I have experienced new perspectives, new opportunities, and spirtiual growth through the mentorship. I have gained internal freedom, peace, and grown in love, with the teaching I learned as a student of Josephs’. Joseph taught practicial biblical lessons applicable to my life. I found healing for myself and experienced great amount of joy and love, during a season of difficult circumcastances and most would say loss. However after working with Joseph, I am more confident of Philippians 1:6. The mentorship experience has brought more joy and love in my life. I highly recommend the mentorship to any person ready to develop a deeper understanding of their divine purpose.

One more comment, in 2010, God told me, “be still and know that I am God” Psalms 46:10. Joseph taught me how to be still. I gained confidence and learned to trust God as a result of his mentoring. ~ Sarah Ott

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