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If you allow and have right teacher, practicing yoga asana can alter the way to experience life – this is exactly what happened to me. I started taking Joseph’s yoga classes in 2014. After every class I was tired but fresh. My mind was getting calmer. I cannot explain the changes in me in words. When I heard Joseph was conducting Yoga Teacher Training, I approached him so I can learn more about “Yoga” with no intention of being a Yoga instructor as I thought I did not have that in me as all my life I have been working with computer – very logical/analytical. Yoga being such a hard subject to get grasp on, it is even harder to teach as our 5 senses cannot fathom it. Joseph with all his experience, enthusiasm, energy, motivation, empathy, compassion, knowledge made us comfortable and open to explore this new dimension. As we went through the training I found myself being more peaceful, getting clarity in my life, dealing issues with patience. When you become peaceful within yourself you want to share that with others, that is when I decided I am going to try my best to become good yoga instructor and help others the way I have been helped by Joseph. Thank you from bottom of my heart for being my Guru showing me my path, Joseph.

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