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I was introduced to Soul Motivation Teacher Training by a friend when I had expressed interest in yoga. After one conversation with Joseph Stingley I found myself signed up for his training. I connected with Joseph in such a way I knew I could not pass up this opportunity. I feel Soul Motivation found me at the right time in my life. I will admit in the beginning I was interested in yoga more for the physical workout. I never had any idea how much yoga would affect my soul and spirit. It changed my life. I am constantly growing and learning. I know I will be learning until I no longer walk this earth, however, I feel a little more peace daily and it has changed how I view not only my own life, but my family and all creatures of this world. There were definitely days I felt in disbelief I would not be able to finish the training due to lack of faith in myself but Joseph had the gentle encouragement and firm guidance to coach me through it. I am so thankful for Joseph, Soul Motivation training, and yoga itself. My light has brightened. My journey is just beginning!

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